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Tongue healthcare tips

New Delhi, Nov 5 : Doctors says your tongue performs important health functions for your body other than doing juicy gossips. This mass of muscle indicates the health of patient. It is said that tongue size, colour and texture says lot about you health.

Not only allelopathy but also ayurveda, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine also use tongue as a health map. According to Chinese medicine, your tongue holds information about the digestive vessel. Let’s check out some points of tongue indication to health issues.

# Tongue Colour

Dark Red indicates inflammation as well as excessive body. In rare cases it signals cancer conditions. The brown or black discolouration caused due to consumption of tobacco, paan and gutka. Strawberry pink colour says you are suffering from scarlet fever. The pale hue indicates lack of nutrients and haemoglobin. Thick white layer points bile in liver and gall bladder. You need urgent medical help if your tongue colouring blue or purple.  

A healthy tongue should colour light pink.

# The surface

A healthy tongue indicates moist surface. When the tongue lacks texture this indicates patient is suffering from iron deficiency or pernicious anaemia. Patches or spot on tongue points allergies. A dry tongue is a sign of stress.

A healthy tongue should have a thin transparent coating.

# Keep it clean

If you avoid cleaning tongue this can cause fungal infection. After you brush your teeth and floss, make sure you brush your tongue.

# What shape are you?

An enlarged tongue points symptoms of medical conditions like Down’s Syndrome and cretinism. Wide tongue is generally gentle and harmonious.  A narrow tongue indicates heavy meat consumption of mother during pregnancy. Divided tip points mother eat raw and vegetable foods during pregnancy. Flat tongue says you are harmonious personality and your mother consumed grain and vegetable during pregnancy. Thick tongue says overconsumption of protein from animal food and fat at the time of pregnancy.

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Steven Menezes

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