YouTube adds new virtual reality features to Android app


Youtube adds 2 new features

New Delhi, Nov 8: On Thursday, YouTube tossed out two new virtual reality features that will work on its Android app with the support of a Google Cardboard viewer.

Firstly, YouTube decaled that it now supports VR video, that it says gives a sense of deepness in every direction.

To use this feature, search a VR video on YouTube. The Hunger Games Virtual Reality Experience and TOMS Virtual Giving Trip are suggested, further tap the Cardboard icon and drop your phone into a Cardboard viewer.

The second new youtube feature allows users to view any video using Cardboard for a kind of virtual movie theater experience. To use this, select the “Cardboard” option from the watch page menu and drop your phone into your viewer phase.

Begin by downloading the new YouTube app from Google Play.

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खत्म हुआ आपका इंतजार, जियो फोन की बुकिंग शुरू, 500 रुपये में फोन आपका !

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